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Meet Brooke

Brooke is a Florida Supreme Court Certified County, Family, and Circuit Civil Mediator; Qualified Arbitrator; Divorce Facilitator; and Elder Caring Mediator and Coordinator. She has been a member of A Friendly Divorce Network of Family Mediators since 2014.

A member of the Florida Bar since 1996, Brooke created Peaceful Beach in 2008 to guide couples and families through the divorce process in a more dignified manner; offer more opportunities for individuals and families to resolve conflict without the cost and anxiety of litigation; and help people move forward in positive and healthy ways. 


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Divorce Project Management

Guiding Pro Se Couples through the Entire Divorce Process


Mediation is an informal and confidential process of assisted problem solving and negotiation. Typically, attorneys are not included as a part of the process; however, you are encouraged to consult with an attorney, accountant, financial advisor and/or other professional prior to signing your agreement and other documents in order to discuss the legal, tax, and financial ramifications of your decisions.

Document Preparation

Brooke will prepare your Marital Settlement Agreement and (if there are minor children) Parenting Plan and other documentation needed for you to obtain an uncontested divorce. After your documents are signed, Brooke will file them with the court and set your final hearing with the judge.

Free Initial Meeting with the Couple

Brooke offers a free initial 30-minute meeting with the divorcing couple in person or by video conference to discuss process and pricing. See if an initial meeting is right for you and your spouse.

Divorce Coaching

Brooke also works one on one as a coach for individuals contemplating divorce, going through divorce, and re-building their lives post transition out of marriage. As an objective professional with many years of experience dealing with family issues as a lawyer, mediator, and social worker, Brooke can talk you through stressful times in a way that understandably biased friends and family members cannot. She can help you deal with divorce overwhelm. This allows your attorney to focus on the legal aspects of your divorce thereby minimizing your legal fees. 

Brooke fills in the gaps your attorney often leaves, helping you get out of your marriage with as little emotional and financial distress as possible. She listens with compassion to your hopes and fears.
She explains processes, identifies resources, helps you make sense of your divorce and identify what you truly want and need so you can. 

Brooke helps you prepare for difficult conversations with your spouse, family members, and children; keeps you focussed on what really matters; and reality tests your assumptions, allowing you to work more efficiently with your attorney for a smoother process.
With Brooke on your side, you can set yourself up with as positive a post divorce co-parenting relationship as possible and be fabulous after divorce! 

As a Divorce Coach, Brooke charges a flat monthly fee to be on-call for you during this difficult life transition. 

Elder Mediation & Eldercaring Coordination

Elder Mediation & Eldercaring Coordination

Elder Mediation and Eldercaring Coordination is conducted in order to help seniors and their adult children resolve conflicts regarding such concerns as care-giver issues, living arrangements, financial and estate planning, economics and bill-paying, medical decisions, long term care planning, division of personal property and heirlooms, communication, driving, wills, trusts, and estates; taxes and inheritance; second marriages and step-families, real estate, closely held and family business interests, end-of-life and funeral and burial decisions.

Like other kinds of mediation, Elder Mediation is a voluntary, informal, and confidential process, although Eldercaring Coordination is ordered by a judge. Brooke’s goal is to facilitate difficult and emotional family discussions and assist during the negotiation process so that a family can find a mutually acceptable plan for the future while preserving (or perhaps even mending) family relationships. 

Business Mediation & Arbitration

Sometimes in a business deal the parties wish to save on professional fees by utilizing a single neutral professional who can move the process along by helping the parties negotiate and arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement. At Peaceful Beach, Brooke facilitates the parties’ discussion of the issues in question and prepares the business or corporate agreements and other documents to be executed by the parties.

Brooke is qualified to serve as your arbitrator (or on your panel of arbitrators) and is certified to mediate civil cases, whether the mediation occurs pre-suit, or at some point during the litigation process prior to trial, either upon order of the court or agreement of the parties.